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CoreTemp Application Measures the Temperature NoteBook

Software CoreTemp

If RealTemp just read Intel, CoreTemp could be an option for of AMD the Users. Almost an all kinds of the Intel and the AMD of processors are supported by this application. This application also measures the temperature on each core in multi-core processors are used. The sensors read the same,ie DTS sensors are claimed to be more accurate than the thermal diode sensors.

One interesting feature is the ability to perform logging or recording. With this the user can see the track record of the processor temperature fluctuations over period of time, the resulting of data can be processed into a graph of the good through a spreadsheet application such as OpenOffice.org Calc and Microsoft Office Excel. CoreTemp has supported operating system called the Windows 7,in addition to the Windows XP and Vista of course. There was a little note,for the AMD Phenom CoreTemp will not show the actual absolute temperature.

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